HELP ME NOW!!!!!!URGENT NEED!!!!! tx all!

(Ecks) #1

Thank you alot!

I have a avi-jpg video…I want to show it in my oral presentation tomorrow at school…but I just saw trhat it dont work on other computer!!! IS avi-raw will work!!! I dont want to render 671 frame again so plz help me out!!! Thank you alot!

(Schlops) #2

Install the avi-jpg codec on the other comp:

fast enough? :wink:

(Ecks) #3

yea tx! but the prob is that the other comp his the teacher one…so I dont think he will want me to install a new prog on it…will avi-raw work without codec or other prog? (will it work on window media player)

(Schlops) #4

It’s just a codec, no new program. But avi-raw should work with windows media player

(Ecks) #5

should…I don’t like that word…will it work or not? sorry but I want to be sure…

(DreamMaster) #6

raw jpg WILL work… but it will take up a lot of memory…

(Ecks) #7

Ya tx you alot!!! I really love that comunity for that type of thing…alot of person are really helpful THANK ALOT :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(DreamMaster) #8

No problem. Good luck!

What is it about anyways?

(valarking) #9

Maybe using a descriptive non-n00b subject would help.

(Ecks) #10

a school…I made it very basic…my teacher will be impress anyway.
In english (I am a quebecer so we learn english…) we have an oral presentation to do about: We have to invent a school…but a realisic one…everyone is drawing some school desk etc… but me I model all the thing!!! My teacher will be impress so I will have a really good “grade”. I hope! :wink:

(DreamMaster) #11

Well, then… GOOD LUCK!!!

I bet your teacher will be SURPRISED just because of you modeled everything in 3D! :slight_smile:

(Ecks) #12

What do you mean by this…are you continuing to spam each thread…even after the other post (valarking and his spam posts)…
I wanted to have a fast answer…I have to give my project tomorrow so I dont hvae time to loose with someone like you!!!