Help me out with this will you?

Okay so I have finally made me FPS game character, but the problem is I don’t know If I have the bones set up right. (btw I have not done auto weights or whatever its called) So I need help on that.

Number two, I have a backpack, ammo packs (x4) and a SCAR rifle, However I don’t know what I should do to make this look good? (Um I’m just at lost with words here.)

Basically I just need everything to be set up right so I can animate this…

Player.blend (1.74 MB)

Sorry, I can’t see? your Armature/Bones?!
I don’t know well the 2.5/6 versions!
Other than that, your character is nice ( specially if you’re a beginner)!
Very few polys, its a good school!
Now, you could/should do a better UV Unwrapping texture work!

Oops lol its on render mode only… just uncheck that and then tell me if the bones and mesh is correctly.