Help Me Out!

(duckbutter2) #1

I just wanted to ask a favor of the blenderheads if they could help me out… You see I’m starting work on a semi-large videogame project and I was wondering if some of the animators and modelers could help me out…I would like to have someone/some people do cg movies for me, because im not good at using blender myself. I have about 6 people working on it with me now and I’ve asked some company/studios if they would contribute to the cause. I’m not asking much just if you would like to join the team. :stuck_out_tongue:

(SGT Squeaks) #2

Im sure you would get a whole lot more responses if you posted this in the Off-topic forum instead of the animation forum. btw, if might help if you say what type of game it is too. :smiley: