Help me pick a laptop....

I want a laptop to lug around and work on Blender projects. I want it to have a powerful processor (core duo?)and 1 or 2 gigs of mem, maybe like 80-160g hd or something. I would also like some wifi and a smallish 14-15 screen. I’m looking for a budget price sub 1000. Maybe 500 lol I don’t intend to play games with it so decent integrated graphics would be ok I think. Anyone have any suggestions? If I can get something cheap with just the hardware and no operating system and no other junk that would also be ok. I can install Ubuntu, Blender, and Gimp myself :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks !

(core duo?)and 1 or 2 gigs of mem
core 2 duo, best you can afford, otherwise you will be waiting for an eternity for it to render.

I would also like some wifi and a smallish 14-15 screen
moddaling on a small screen can be very dificult, you end up wasting lots of time zooming in/out :wink: wifi in Linux is eather it works out of the box, or is EXTREMELY hard to get working

I don’t intend to play games with it so decent integrated graphics would be ok I think

blenders real time poly count depends mostly on the gfx card, you would be lucky to get 20 k ploys out of integrated(a basic caricature is normally at least 100k)


I hear DELL is selling some systems with Ubuntu already on them… look at the system specs that you like, and take what they list as what kind of hardware to buy.

Years ago I did this with Micronux, and built my own system from the listed components.

off the top of my head…
Dont buy ATI because of poor drivers.
Dont buy Winmodems because in most cases there are no drivers.
I will list more when I think of them.

Thanks guys I appreciate the responses… I really want the best modeling, and rendering bang for my buck without paying for stuff I won’t use. If you have any suggestions that are reasonable go ahead and list them for me, I’m really green with notebooks this will be my first one. I have been building desktops for years I have a OC’d E6600 @3ghz 8800gts 320 2 gig mem and 750gig Hd that I do most hard core rendering and gaming on. I want something I can setup and do test renders with while my other machines do the main rendering… and I want something fun! lol I can probable go 1500 on the price but was hoping with some engineering I could stick to 750-1k.

I have one which I bought three years ago. (No, I’m not selling it.) Eversince LCD flat screens became available I prefer them over notebooks. Notebooks are not really portable in the real sense, anyway. The batteries usually lasts less than an hour. So you’re basically travelling with a huge paperweight. Bad thing about them is that the keyboard is awkward and it doesn’t have a numerical keypad. AND the monitor is attached to it. That’s why I’m buying a new PC with a 24" wide, flat LCD screen. As big as you can imagine it, it’s still space efficient on your desktop because the keyboard is detached. Also I was watching video tuts on my laptop and it doesn’t fit on the screen… bye notebooks…:wink: