Help me, please: Texture Painting with perplexed UV!

Hi friends! I hope you can help me. I’m modeling a horse, and now i’m making (trying) the Texture Painting. That’s the big problem. I’m slicing the shapes and marking seams, but on the Unwrap, they appear perplexed, as you can see on the first image. And, if i try to paint at stencil, you can imagine how will it be, all desoriented, because the unwrap’s are not lined up, to make a sequence on the paint trail. Thank you!

hello, I am getting quite good at it If you take all the vertices and select either a front or side view in the 3d view editor you can just project from view and deselect the front faces ( only when the solid view is active ), then move UV’s that are behind the deselected faces and project from view again, in that order then move the points close to each other where you dont want a seam and you got a nice UV map texture. :slight_smile:

Brockyl, thank you so much, i will try to do this steps!

Brockyl, i still don’t understanding those ways, sorry for my silliness haha… But could you tell me more detailed steps? Thank you!