Help me please with Bevel


I’m trying to make a desk with soft, rounded angles.
So first I took the object, bevelled it. Then I made a loop cut at the top and started extruding the desk upper part to the right. And the form of the whole objects changed. It got less rounded.
And the more cuts I make the less rounded it gets. Any manipulation with the object it lowers the bevel effect.

I’m struggling to understand how this works. Can you help please? How can keep the form of the reference desk while changing the structure of the desk.

Office.blend (857.8 KB)

In case if you need

I’m not sure what you are trying to do as the Blend does not correspond to the desk image??

I have an idea of what your doing…but I would suggest…
Start with a Plane…extrude the edges to follow the shape of the dest ( forget about the curves, at this stage )

Select the first 2 edges of the desk and add a Bevel ( CTRL+B )

Then select the next two and repeat…

Add a subdivision modifier and make sure to select Keep Corners…

Add a Solidify Modifier …and set thickness and change the Offset to 1.0

Continue from there…
Happy Blending!

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Thank you very much for your help and time!

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