help me please


Currently i make my first human head, but the problem comes when i do the render, it give me a stranger render result. I try removing all the materials and creating a new just with the default settings but it continue give me the same horrible render result.

Here you can see the render

Please help me with it, what may be?

Have you recalculated your normals? In edit mode, select all, then press Ctrl N to recalc the normals.

First, check to see if you’ve duplicated the mesh. If that doesn’t work, then go into the mesh and check for doubles (select all, then hit w and remove doubles) Then recalculate the normals (ctrl +n). Render. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then feel free to post again.

I am pretty sure that is a duplicate mesh. I had the problem last week :stuck_out_tongue:

Select the mesh in edit mode and move it, you should see the duplicate move, you can delete that and the render should turn out fine.