Help me pretty please

Hey guys,

fresh newbie here. I’m trying to make a short animation in blender of an app on an iphone. I need certain parts of the app to move e.g. graphs moving, percentage numbers climbing, stuff like that. I’ve used an FBX of an iphone and have attached a JPEG screenshot of the app to the phone and done some small initial animation.

Just wondering what the best course of action would be to achieve this. I’ve tried searching on youtube but no one seems to have a video of how to do this in blender (if it can be done)

I’ve seen kind of what I need in after effects but I need to essentially animate a JPEG file.

If someone can point me in the right direction I’ll buy them a beer or two!

Matt Krzywon

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you can create a 2 blender file use the jpg image as a reference and make the graphics with planes and animate these planes and the numbers over the png, then you delete the png. and renders the animation with alpha of these planes and numbers, then in an image editing application removes the graphics from the jpg, and in blender you merge the jpg without the graphic with the video you created with the animated planes. and the ice cream is ready.

Hmmm Ok I think I understand this.

Thanks for your reply!