Help me remember it!

Hello there! My name is John and I am writing a story. I based the story very much upon a certain term, a certain word. Only the problem is; I’ve forgotten the word!

It’s kind of strange, yes, I know that, however, I’ve taken some awful hits to the head in my lifetime. Therefore I sometimes get these forgetful phases, or phases where I can’t remember something very specific, in this case, that blasted word!

When I try to remember the word, all I can think is, armor or conduit.
From my notes I know that the word means something like, “the thing which takes the strain”.

In my universe there are basically two kinds of sorcerers. True-bloods, who can use magic at will, with no permanent cost to themselves. And then everyone else.

And that’s where you guys come in! :smiley:

Specifically: If you are a normal person, who knows magic, you cannot use it at will, because then it would wear you down, age you or otherwise harm you, that’s why you need a “X” because it will take the strain of using magic.

Well based off of this I can come up with:

Et cetera.

hmmm… no that’s not it xD but thanks for trying :smiley:

So it must a mechnical part, a specific pivot point. Take away the structure’s weak point, and the whole thing collapses.

True that, it is essential to the story, without it the story is void.

It’s so annoying, I cannot remember it, this morning I was so close I could feel it, now, I have no clue. :confused:

Edit: Wait a sec… kbot … Where do I remember you from?

The word is “Haggis” … :slight_smile:

Why thank y… sonn ouvf a! XD

I want to say you are being devious. Just pure evil.

Are you?? :evilgrin:

What me? No I am dead serious. I stumbled across the word when I was conceptualizing the spell system for a fictional world. The word was like a key, it made everything fall into place. With one elegant sweep it made clear everything I had so desperately tried to explain.
Now I refuse to go to sleep because I must rediscover the word!

the catalyst for this crucible of hope of a book that will overtake the world by storm rests on a chosen few of the We must unite, and fight this evil, this evil that prevents the book to be written, and make John_tgh rich and famous so he rides around in an expensive sports car that guzzle fuel, fuel that will destroy the word for our children to live in. Have faith John_tgh, we shall come up with the word, so you can spread the book to be devoured by the masses, and make you into a capitalist elite, to enable you the flamboyant lifestyle of the wealthy./

Why thank you kbot, you see right through me :wink:
But really I will find that word, because I must, my work is void without it xD
I remembered something more, on the whiteboard where the word once was, there stood also “Channeling”, “Instant/Casting”, and “Summoning”.

Well, this is quite entertaining! I can picture the contestants with a fully stuffed haggis stepping into the throwing circle and taking several spins before the release. The crowd cheers. Dust is flying as the judges back off to a safe distance. The hurl is done! Who shall win in the haggis tossing competition? It all makes me ponder about what “hurling” haggis is all about anyway?


Maybe these words will help jog your memory:

oatmeal :slight_smile:

Does the word have multiple meanings?

I’m not sure, from what I remember it is normally used in a mechanical context, f.ex. a component of a machine built to take most of the wear and tear.
@CD38: A little bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A pair of Shocks?

Sheep’s stomach

Argh! XD Why can’t I remember? Why!?

Big roundy-round thing
Stamping and seizing little modules
Water heater
Oil pan
Universal joint
Super glue
Duct tape
A large bucket of tripe

You better remember it quickly or some other person will write your story and make mega-bucks out it for you.