Help me save time.

I’m making a full length movie in blender at this time. It is very time consuming I know, but I know the payoff will be worth it. However, to save time, is there any way that I can create several actions(walking, running, jumping,etc.) in the main model file. What I am doing now is making a model, appending it to the scene with other models, and having to reanimate the walk/run cycles everytime. Any help will be appreciated.

if its in the same blend file use Ctrl-L, and link it to the desired scene, if its in different blend just append the entire scene.

What I am trying to ask is this: Can I make several different animations/actions (walking, running, etc.) seperatly from the same model. Just like making different scenes. Then append them all or just the actions I need in the scene. The only way that I have solved the problem so far is to make several different files with the same model. Such as modelwalk.blend, modelrun.blend, modelsitting.blend. It works to a point but I then have three or four of the same model in a scene just hidden away using layers.

I haven’t got blender in front of me right now but yes it is possible IIRC (was messing around with this the other day). Simply create a new action in the action window then pose/animate your model for walking, create new action in the action window then pose/animate your model for running etc. Whatever the active action is (the one in the action window) is the one your posing will become a part of. All these actions can then be appended to different files. You can do the same for IPOs and RVKs etc.

Thanks, that is what I am looking for. However, is there anyway to do a simialr thing with absoulte/relative keys and link it with the actions. I tried it by selecting my mesh, choosing the action I want the mesh to “morph” in and edit it. But the mesh edit appears through out all of the actions.