Help me!! Splash image resolutions...

hey I was making a splash screen for the contest and I had finished my image but now I can’t figure out how to make it a higher resolution!!! I rendered at 1000x400 (in keeping with multiples of the proper size range) and then I scaled down the image…its waaaay too blurry see:

what to do??

Hmm, actually I can see no blur, since I don’t know how it should look like.

How did you scale? What imaging software did you use?

A simple image resize in Photoshop wouldn’t result in that much blur. Why don’t you just render at 500x200 and crop?

I used the gimp for the scale image…

I tried a lot of stuff but nothing would work…I tried to render the image at a huge size and then scale it but obviously the scale thing was what is messing it up so I decided to render it in a smaller size and I rendered it at 500x200. when I did, there was not the detail that I wanted. Anyways, I’ll take another stab at the splash contest next time because I’m gonna be off the internet as of today for a while.