Help me tear out this bug?

here is the bug I can’t seem to distill into a simpler blend, or accurately describe with my people words…

can I get a little help?

I need to target it better to eradicate it.


CompoundAssemblyVXXX.blend (835 KB)

Deleating a compound object seems to leave a ghost of that object in bullet.

Can anyone help me make a simpler blend?

Mine is geared to in game assembly, and the bug emerges.

I need a way the developers can understand it.

I got some errors when opening the file.

Read library: '<Relative Path>\CompoundAssemblyV5 (1a) (1).blend', '//CompoundAssemblyV5 (1a) (1).blend'
Cannot find lib: '<Relative Path>\CompoundAssemblyV5 (1a) (1).blend'
Read library: '<Relative Path>\FR.blend', '//FR.blend'
Cannot find lib: '<Relative Path>\FR.blend'
LIB ERROR: Object 'Parent' unread lib block missing from '<Relative Path>\CompoundAssemblyV5 (1a) (1).blend'
LIB ERROR: Mesh 'Cube.005' unread lib block missing from '<Relative Path>\CompoundAssemblyV5 (1a) (1).blend'
.. etcetera ..
<!> event has invalid window
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<blender directory>\scripts\startup\bl_ui\", line 28, in draw
    def draw(self, context):

I dont know if it matters, but it looks like missing files.

Errors when playing the game.

Python error compiling script - object 'Parent', controller 'Python':
  File "", line 10
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

I dont know if you use this script, though the code is not tabbed properly.

I dont know the controls to the game. Tell me what todo, clear steps to get the error to happen.
Describe the error, what is a compound object, bullet?..

I dont think I can help much as I dont know how to play the game, thus I cant reproduce the error.
All I know is WASD is movement and R creates a cube in front of the player.

From the video, I see two green wireframe cubes appear when you switch to a different mode or something.
At 1:10 I see a set of cubes fly off into space, and 2 wireframe cubes.

I guess the error is something todo with these 2 wireframe cubes.
I dont know how to switch game mode or delete a compound object.

Edit: I don’t know what is causing the issue,

I removed the formentioned issues by Removing a linked referance to a exterenal blend, and removing the trigger of the script Gamelogic.003 - (a attempt to delete the fake root from a key press)

Its working as intended now for you as well,(except the extra items)
wsad = move

middle mouse=grab

left mouse is attach

right mouse is remove

attatching and removing generates extra items

deleting them leaves a ghost of them in the bullet physics engine

Line # 69 in parent check ##endObject is commented out

comment it in to see the bug.


CompoundAssemblyVXXX (3).blend (837 KB)

What does the physics visualization mode show, does it still show a physics bound where the object was deleted?

What about the parent/child hierarchy, would it be possible to just do removeParent() on the child object and then delete it?

instant blender crash

yes the physics bound of the deleted item remains, even though the scene objects remain static (from deleting one while adding another.)

What about using removeParent() on the children before doing any deleting, does that crash Blender at all?

Would the .blend file do the same thing if you just had two cubes on a plane with the following steps… (this also implies a very simple Python script and not the real complex one you have now)?

1). Use setParent() to attach object B to object A (Object A has a compound bounds type).
2). Use endObject() on object A (since it’s the root).

MAn, it appeared to be working, then the next try not…

I even recorded it, odd

Good news!

I parented it to another object(ghost) and then deleted them both
worked fine!

I could Kiss you… (not really :P)

but the ghost physics bound is still there odd… o well

It works,

Uploading a video now

So if I parent it to a no collision non compound object, it makes it cost no physics and it’s not in the scene.objects… so it should not impact performance that bad… but it’s still odd…