Help me to choose a Pen-tablet!

So here is the two choices - Wacom bamboo pen (CLT-470) and another company not so famous iBAll Pentablet (8060U).
Now I could only look for the technical specification of them… Honestly I’ve no much knowledge on it. I couldn’t decide which one to choose. Here both of their specification -

wacom bamboo
147 x 92(mm)
8 x 6 inches (203 x 152 mm-A5 size)
Size wacom 278 x 176 x 9.8 (mm)
Size iball 305.5(W) x 268.4(D) x 10.5(H) mm
both Pen Pressure level
both Table resolution
iball accuracy ±0.01 inch (±0.25 mm) (wacom’s accuracy is not mentioned in site)
report rate 100 RPS (wacom’s report rate is not mentioned in site)

I dont care about the bundles softwares as I will be using krita, mypaint and gimp and inkscape only.

The wacom costs just double of the iball. I was determined to buy wacom at first, then somehow got the thought is it costly because of the brandname Wacom just?

My requirements? maybe you got from the software choices…digital painting only.

I’m in so much confusion and I need help to choose.
thank you.

I would go with the Wacom just for the reassurance that the drivers and pressure sensitivity would be less likely to have issues. My old Graphire2 still works like a dream.

I also prefer smaller tablets to larger ones because you can make a broad stroke more quickly and easily across your display than you would be able to with a larger tablet. A flick of the wrist is easier (and lazier) than moving your entire forearm. If I want to draw details, zooming is fine.