Help me to improve

i made this after i uploaded my first model and i am still learning and i have small difficulties in making materials.please help me to improve

In general the start doesnt look bad. At first you should add even more detail, for example a few more buttons or printed texts on the camera, depending on your reference. At next you could also subsurf some of the round parts a bit more, because there are steps visible. The materials could then be further improved with scratches, fingerprints, etc… . Furthermore you should change the camera angle, so that the object is more centered and there is less empty space aroud it. The flooring material could be more glossy and the scaling for the texture seems wrong, the planks are to small in comparison to the camera. Also a few days ago there was this camera: Canon Canonet QL-17 in the featured list, you could maybe look there too. Good luck with your future work.

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There’s a problem with the scene scale. Considering the wall as reference, the planks have a width 2 or 3 cm, but if you don’t look at the wall, the planks make the camera look way bigger than it should be, because in reality they have a width of ~20cm. They also have a specific pattern, and a single plank don’t extend for the whole floor.

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I’m critiquing, not as a skilled blender user, but as a spectator of realism. lol

  1. The planks are not the right size. Too narrow. There are not cuts of wood, that narrow, that look like that, so it causes our brain to see this as unrealistic.

  2. The modeling of the camera shows the polygons. Did you subdivide and smooth the object? Maybe that was the look you were going for.

  3. The metalness of the camera looks more like plastic than metal (I imagine it is supposed to be metal just based on the real-life version of this style of camera).

  4. The modeling looks really good.

  5. I would think of a better scene as the background. Wooden planks meeting up with a brick wall with outdoor lighting just seems bland.

That is all. With that said, you’re really good at modeling. Very good job.

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  1. The Planks are a lot too small
  2. Zoom in on your subject
    3.Add Details to your model (Scratches, Dust, Signs etc.)
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