Help me to Learn Python.

I’m not new in Blender , I work in it from the version 2.25 and it’s almost 2 years. But I can’t learn the Python. I understand nothing it. Please give any link or tutorial to I could learn how to use it and make anything with its help.

first you ahve to learn how the python language works before diving into blender.
goto and check the documents they have there.

once thats done and you know the basics then goto the python documentation at and learn the blender commands.

thats the only way to do it

I guess I know more python than blender - but where I started to learn was with a few books. “Programming Python” by Mark Lutz is pretty good. If you are looking for a few sample bits of code to start with there are tons of websites out there. Some of the better ones are available from the main python page I would certainly do the tutorial there on the site - I have done it several times even though I already know most of it, because there is usually some clever way to do something that I forgot about. Depending on what I am writing at the time - the global module index in the Documentation section can help you learn about what has already been included, so that you don’t go out there reinventing the wheel with your code.

Other sites of interest:

I recommend the tutorials on, they’re in the documentation area. Thats how I learned.