Help me to make an animated logo apearing in a regular video

I´m a portuguese student. I´m doing a project of a video edition and i need to make an 3d animated logo to put on the left top botom of the screen. I´v alreadi made the structure of the logo in 2d, but i dónt know how to make animation of an ilumination that variates by the moving of the animated shape, or how to make things flying around one principal shape, and export at the right format to put at the top of an .avi video without the fill background behind that shape. The shape that i´m talking about its a specific modified “v”. If somebody could help me i apreciate a lot. i´m a litle confuse and i don´t know how to do it.:no::spin::mad:
Best regards

As far as applying it to an avi, you are in luck! Blender allows you to import avi’s into Blender and apply the 3D effect via the vidio editor. If you don’t know how to use it then find a tutorial.

In the animation you make a logo as and make it continous rotate in the left upper corner. As Object make that logo child of the current Camera. It will work.
1st make the logo,
make it continuous rotate using Ipo->Curve->Extend Mode->Extrapolation
Select this logo in Object Mode, Select Camera, Control+P Make it Parent
See the scene thrugh the camera, change the location of your object to a required place.