Help me to model a special triangle.

Okay, so I need to model a special triangle. I’m new in blender and i have been making known common objects in tutorials. But Now I wish to make some my own designs. Anyways,
Here what i want to make -

An equilateral triangle…normally its hands should be connected by 60° and the sides should be cylindrical in shape. and their connecting point should be cut as in the picture attached (red lines).
What I already tried to make a triangle fan cylinder, rotate the top face to an angle, duplicate and flip and connect by bridge loop. But it doesn’t match and looks ugly.
So help me to model this triangle step by step please.


Maybe there’s a quicker way, but here’s a working example :

  • set the pivot to 3D cursor

-create an edge

-select one of the vertice of that edge and press SHIFT+S then “Cursor to Selected” at the popup

  • select the whole edge and press SHIFT+D to duplicated it, then press R (for rotate) and type 60 (or -60 depending on the vertice you moved the 3D cursor to)

  • select the opposite vertice, again do a SHIFT+S -> Cursor to selected

  • again select the edge, press SHIFT+D then press R and type 60

  • select all press W -> Remove Doubles

  • press F to make a face from those 3 edges

  • press I (inset face function) and move the mouse :

Or just add a cylinder and set the amount of vertices to 3, fill it and inset it.

Hope I could help! :smiley:

yea, circle with 3 vertices = equilateral triangle :stuck_out_tongue:

great, a much simpler solution :slight_smile:

In details please :slight_smile:

Oh I made it with your instructions guys! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I made a deathly hallows locket :smiley: