Help me to model this sent me in tutorial

hello im a blender newbie and my aims is to model this Mini cooper but i have no idea,please give me a good start Guidelines for model this.i have already setup my blueprint like this.


Here’s one way. Make a brick (add cube and scale (Skey then Xkey or Ykey or Zkey to scale in only one direction)) to the outer dimensions of the car.

Make some cuts in the brick (Ctrl-Rkey) where you have major changes in the lines seen from side view (In this case, top and bottom of windscreen and rear window, top of hood.)

From side view, select vertices (Bkey) and move them into place (Gkey) according to the blueprint.

Switch to top view, make some more cuts (Ctrl-Rkey) corresponding to major changes in lines seen from the top (here I’m putting in the fender curves) and move the new vertices into position according to the blueprint.

Work from the large areas to the smaller details. Switch from front to side to top, add cuts where you need to change the shape, then push the vertices into position, then switch to another view and do some shapes seen from that direction. Take it bit by bit. Don’t sweat the details until after the major shapes are in place.

Work only in front, side and top view. This will allow movement only in two dimensions, which is what you want, because your blueprints are two dimensional. Keep a camera view or a user view open to get an overall look at how thing are going, but avoid moving vertexes around when you are in user or camera view.

thank you!
im going to bed but tomorow i will begin!:):p:D:cool: