Help me to this still life

Hi everyone.

Some times ago I saw this photograph on the web:

for some unexplicable reason i loved it and set out to make it anew in Blender.

The first try has been this:

Then someone gave me some advice to make the scene more realistic.
So i did it again here:

And now? Other suggestion to make it more real?

Well your scene looks alright sofar, but the tiles are a bit large, and they are too smooth. As you can see in the origional there are textures for them that absorb the light. Try playing around with UV mapping for the wall tiles, and fix the actual shelf too, its a little too thick and doesnt look metalic. I think a couple adjustments to the material should fix it because your texture isnt wrapped very well. Your bag looks good but im not sure if you smothed it cause it looks a little ragged. And as allways if you want to make it photorealistic I recomend a raytracer such as Indigo, it will do wonders with the scene with a few quick fixes. I like your bottle, try adjusting the textures on the glass though to give it more of a coke bottle feel if thats what your going for. Overall your project is cool and Ill check back in with it. If its the Penn Station feeling you want try making the textures look dirty by overlapping textures and bump mapping, they could very well become your best friends in realistic textureing!