Help me with a simple particle-thing

I have just started to learn a bit about Blenders particle system. In the Particle tab, I have to set the value of Norm from 0.000 to 0.100. I have the Particle tab showing, but i can’t find the Norm-slider or buttun or whatever it is. Can someone hlep me here?

Right next to the Particles tab is the Particles Motion tab - it’s in there. In Windows (and maybe other versions) you and click and drag the tabs to see them better.

You probably mean the Normal, in the Particle Motion tab. I have to set that at 0.1 as well. but there should be a button named Norm, and I think it should be in the Particles tab. Here is a bit of the tutorial i have it from:

LMB on the Particles tab (if you haven’t split the panels)

Make the following two changes to the particle system:

1: Click on the Static button.
2: Change the value of Norm from 0.000 to 0.100 (Hint: click once on the right arrow symbol in the box).
3: Click on the “Particle motion” tab
4: Change the value of “Normal” slider to .1

It’s probably a typo. There is only the one Normal button in the Particle Motion tab.

Edit: I’ve corrected it in the Noob to Pro chapter of the wiki. Is that the tutorial you are using?

Yes it is. I can see you have fixed it on the site. Thanks :slight_smile: