Help me with beginning modeling

I’m using the Blender 3D Noob To Pro tutorial and i’m at the
part where you are making your simple stick figure guy.

I am understanding what they are saying but here’s
what my problem is.

The tutorial tells me to select the top 4 vertices and to then press
“E” and click region. The tutorial then says I am supposed to move my
new cube to where it will be stacked on the first cube.

I do the whole thing and it turns out fine except for one part.

Right after I press “e” and click region, this is what happens.

I want to stack the square on top of the first one but this placement
thing is diagonal instead of going up and down.

How can I make it go up and down instead of diagonal?? :confused:

Your help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

After E-key, press Y key to move it along Y-axis.
Same thing for X and Z.
It works with every sort of transformations as well.

You can press middle mouse button as well and then select proper ‘line’.

Ok. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

There is some theory about modelling using polygon loops.I read it from one of the blender tutorial in the modelling tutorial section in this forum.But the link to that website is obselete.Can anyone help me find that link?