help me with my fps?

hey im making an fps because me and my friend want to for our class.
this is the gun so far, but im not good at rendering so it might look bad so if someone wants i will include the blend file. thanks,


What sort of help are you looking for? Tips? Modellers? Texture Artist? Animators? Game Engine programmer? What art style have you decided?

I could take a whack at texturing that gun if you gave me some details about it (and the blend file ofcourse).

hey trayt,
id love for you to texture the gun cuz i suck at texturing and im lookin for a programmer and texturer cuz i can model and animate


fps test m4a1.blend (310 KB)

I would add the edge split modifier. And what the heck is an fps? All I can think of is frames per second.

first person shooter

Oh, I guess you mean first person shooter. If you need any models made, give me a shout. I might be able to help.

thanks graphix,
the only kind of model i’d need help with would be a person cuz whenever i make one it doesn’t turn out so well…
this is what i mean


character for game.blend (850 KB)

i was trying to find you an early version of my game that just uses logic bricks but that’s long gone, have a look at my guns there low poly as possible as im not gonna be using them u can.


FPS_MODELS with textues.blend (1.62 MB)

thanks man ill check it out

looks nice but we have the same problem, the top of the gun isnt textured well or is blurry. anyone know how to prevent that

that’s probably the depth of field i had the same problem. add an empty in front of the camera and parent it to the camera(CTRL+P) then select the camera and set the dof object to that empty you just added that should help with the texture going blurry.

thanks man. texturing is poop work :confused:


I just got home to take a look at this gun, then realized most people are still probably using 2.49b. Additionally my custom compile of the SVN would probably make a mess of any .blend files we could trade (even if you were using 2.5). A couple tips though!
Right here, you have a lot of superfluous geometry, by getting rid of those verts between the octagonal areas, you would save some polys (or you could use them to round that area out a bit more)
I’m not sure what sort of aiming system you’re going to be using, so this may be necessary (if you plan to go the iron-sights route). But if not, this sort of detailed internal geometry is going to add a lot of polys. You may even want to model on version of the gun simply for aiming, and another that you’d see other players brandishing.

I would recommend creating an extremely detailed holy poly mesh of the gun, then create a low poly version with the bare minimum on it. You can use the high poly mesh to “bake” a detailed normal map for the lower poly one and give it similar detail without the poly count. If you’re unfamiliar with normal mapping, take a look at Wikipedia for “Normal Map”.

You’ll have to search google for a tutorial (Blender Bake Normal Map) since my ability to post links it limited.

Good luck!

thanks for your help and the aiming system was sort of like the galil in blk ops if u know what im sayin and im thinking of making a new buttstock and body because it doesnt do the rest justice
thanks and ill make a high poly version soon

TrayT yeah thats the normal method but if your like me i just go straight for the low poly and do the normals and color with one image works quite well for me just look at my models :smiley:

also you know those like wrinkles by the place you put the mag in, how do you get rid of them

what on the walther?? it’s on the texture so you’ll have to paint over it and also the grip is modeled how it should be on the actual gun

no i mean click on this picture and look at the guns body and look at the “wrinkles” near where u put the mag in

that’s fine i checked the mesh and that’s ok, that will disappear when you put a material and texture on it. :smiley:

thats cool… anyone wanna help me texture :smiley: