help me with rig please

I have some rigging problems with my mesh. All i did for weight painting was parent to armature to bone heat.

Some problems i am having:
Toes and fingers are bending properly.
I have ik’s on the legs but the hip does not bend, it rotates, i need it too bend. I need this for making a jumping motion and moving the spine forward after in a walk cycle.
If you find anything else wrong with it please let me know.


humanrig.blend (471 KB)

No one has anything?

I’m looking at it right now.

First thing I noticed is everything is set to pivote to the cursor instead
of the median point. That’s easy to change back from the drop down menu.
Or hold Shift and press ‘comma’. (but maybe that wasn’t the issue)

Also, you have all the hip area bones connected to the Master. You’ll
want to keep them children of the master bone, but uncheck the Co
button to keep them disconnected.

Another things I noticed is there isn’t a whole lot of influence coming
from the hip bone. It’s acting like there isn’t even hip at all.

Your model and armature are both way off center in your whole
scene so that might mess things up too…but maybe not. It’s
just better to keep it in the center while building everything.

Parenting from bone heat is ok, but it’s not an end-all solution.
It gets you in the ball park, but you’ll have to go in and edit
all you vertex groups and/or touch things up with manual Weight
Painting. If you check the hip vertex group and click select to
see what vertices are assigned to it, you’ll notice that most of the
vertices of the hip area are assigned to nothing at all.

If you want, I’ll fix your rig a little bit at least to get the hip functioning.

Also check out what I posted here for Vertex Group help:

Try this out.

All I did was get rid of the two extra hip bone piece,
disconnected the hip from the master bone,
made the hip be the parent of the upper legs instead
of the master bone (keeping them disconnected from the hip)
and edited the hip’s vertex group so it was controlling those
vertices better. Now your guy can squat without any problems.

Oh crazy. I’ve been up since noon, now it’s 5pm and I still haven’t eaten
anything because all I’ve been doing is making stuff Blender and hanging
out on this forum. I have zero social life.


humanrig.blend (466 KB)

Thanks man! That was a log of help. That will probably also fix my walk cycle problem with the spine too. Am i aloud to save the blend file as mine? Do you mind?

Even if i try manually weight painting the foot, it still bends very awkwardly. If anyone knows why this might happen, please let me know.

No problem. It’s your project. You don’t even have to credit me. I have
been there before and know the frustration. I’m finally starting to grasp
rigging way better and only hope i can help others learn faster too.

The feet are bending awkwardly because there are not enough
vertices. They bend at each vertex point and the are none in
the middle of those feet.

You can easily add a loop of vertices around the foot with this
sweet tool. Ctrl+R while in edit mode. As you mode the mouse
around you’ll be able to see the different possible places to add a
loop. If you scroll the middle mouse button while at this point you
can add more loops to the mix. When you finally click they will
be added.

If you ever add vertices you should also check the Vertex Groups
to make sure they’re also included and you can adjust weights
to change how it bends.