Help me with rigging

I need helpd with rigging. I have created a character with no legs. He only has hands arms and a stomach. I appled it with mega or meta rigging and deleted the all the legs bones. So I tried selecting the mesh and then the armatuer and apply it with automatic weights a few times and something strange had happened. It made two copies of the mesh. One mesh was attached to the armature, but was hidden and the other mesh was already in the other folder. I tried to delete the second mesh, but once I did that all the meshes were also eradicated.

Hi and welcome to the BA forum. You need to show us a screen shot of the character and rig or post a link to your file, it’s hard to know what’s happening.


Hello !

I suspect that this append when you parented your character to the armature.
The character appeared a second time in the armature “folder”.

This is just a way to signify that there is a relation between the armature and the character.

The most important catch is that there is still only one character object in your scene, even if it appears twice in the outliner.

This shouldn’t change anything and you can keep on rigging your character !

If you’re not sure, as @digitvisions said, a screenshot would help a lot to clarify all this, as I’m just wild guessing there !

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