Help me with smooth!

I have a mesh and i want to make some faces smooth. The mesh have quads and tris.

If i select just quad faces in editmode and put it smooth, i get a really strange smooth. Something from black to white (i even can see the faces almost as if they are tris). The quad faces are planar.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you very much!!!

I tried it by going into face mode on a UV sphere and randomly selecting about 20 faces and made them tris with Ctrl-T. It smoothes fine with Setsmooth, Subsurf, and Setsmooth/subsurf.

So you’ll have to show us or explain how to set it up. But you may just have to remove doubles.


Here is the file:

I’ve put some faces smooth, but it’s very bad.

Thank you again!!

Ok, so on the small object, only the handle (turning knob) of the faucet is smoothed: the nut and the spigot are set solid as are the 3 faces of the flanges of the handle.

If so everything is as it should be. Look at the render rather than the OGL view of the 3D window. Also, if you later divide the smooth and non-smooth parts by giving them seperate vertex groups (and seperate materials) the render would be even better. If you use either bevels or weighted creases you could smooth and subsurf (only if you wanted to) everything and still keep faces or face groups with sharp (or sharpish in degree) edges.


You can go to this page:

Be careful with the normals, because smoothing is normal sensitive.

How exactly does one create a weighted crease?

You can go there:

When you are working on an object with subsurf activeted, select 2 vertex forming an edge and press “Shift-E”. If you press “n”, you will see in the “transform properties” window a new line with “crease”. You can now give weight to your edge. You can even change the weight of a group of edges if you select all the corresponding vertex.