Help me with this bug


I’m trying to find a way to reproduce an annoying bug. Since 2.47 the screen sometimes goes blank when I press ‘p’. And once it has happened it keeps going until I restart blender.

From what I can tell it happens after some transformation has taken place, rotating/scaling. But Sometimes it takes a lot of work before it happens, I can’t create a situation where it always occurs. Therefor I thought I’ll ask you if you:
a) have had this problem
b) know when it occurs

I didn’t see it in the bug tracker but I want to find a steady way to reproduce it before I submit it.

Blank? The whole screen? Blender crashes?
Then it might be because of something in your .blend…
I had problems with that when I used 2.45, 2.46 was fine.
Try playing someonee else’s blends

no no. Not crashing. And this happen when I create a new scene too. And it has nothing to do with transformation, it occurred when I tried to test a python script. First, normal, wrote the script, blank screen. It seems totally random :confused:

ok i encountered this problem, if u want to remake the bug then select ur camera and then size him up significantly, like alot alot! and to fix it size the cam down.

Can you post the script?
Like this:

and then
The only thing is that the slash (\) it's the other way (/)
Because if I do it the other way,


True, when I size up the camera it happens every time so far. But it also happens when I do other things, doesn’t matter what, after some blending it happens… well I might just as well post the bug about the camera and mention that it happens randomly too?

And B3D00 it doesn’t happen with any specific script, it just happens when I’ve… used blender, as far as I can tell.