Help me with this Jungle Scene

How do I make the ground look wet?

How do I add water ripples to my water material?

I want to make the river look as if it was flowing.

How do I use the mist pass?


You could always use the ocean modifier for the river. That way you can easily add riples. Unfortunately I can’t help much more then taht since I’m still fairly new to blender.

if this is for a game, you’ll need to switch to blender internal renderer to get the materials correct.

Just a real quick nooby question to also earn my stripes for unrestricted posting…

So, for CG scene-building…the new (to me) Cycles Render is the preferred choice…but if you’re using it to build a game, you use Blender Render, not Blender Game?

Thanks for tolerating this side question/poor excuse for forum cred building… (I could really use the answer, though, too…)

@ravingnoah yes i dont think game engines support cycles rendering especially if you using the blender game engine

@atom you could try an animated clouds texture

maybe when you add the water texture the ground will change of color, you can make a quick experiment adding a cube in the top of the ground, if you are using Blender cycles you can add a “glass texture” to the cube and make shure that the IOR is set to 1.333 thats the IOR for water.

This is not a game. it’s a movie viewed from first person perspective. Well, the character is wearing an helmet with an heads-up display so it looked like game.

Crappy graphics by the way. This was my very first render

The blender game engine uses same materials as blender internal as do many other game engines. This is because cycles uses ray tracing, and calculates multiple light passes ( to make it look nice ). If you go into rendered view in cycles you’ll notice that it at first is pixelated and then fines out after leaving it still, however a game is constantly being updated (usually 60 times a second), meaning if you were to go into cycles and move your model around (constantly) you’d have a very bad resolution even with the best graphics card. a game engine has to update regularly for collisions etc. and other calculations therefore cycles doesn’t work for game engines. hope this answers your question :smiley: