help me write a tutorial


what do you think of this Glass Art ? :smiley:

using blender’s Internal

alright , i can make a tutorial [Written] for blenderheads !!

but i need Guidance and Opinions first :slight_smile: please .

I will be using 2.5/2.5+ as the version of the tut , what do you think ?

I Emailed CGTUTS+ to host the tut on thier site … if they didn’t respond on a week then the tut idea isn’t needed for them … :slight_smile: as they said .

I’m Building [not finished yet , the content will be wiped out and new stuff will be added !! ] , also the design will be changed a bit … try scrolling till you see the sword image in the slider :slight_smile: using the arrows of slider .

do you think a PDF will be a nice Idea ? , or only keep it as a blog content ? and why ?

do you think that the companion Blends should be only for members of 3dkernel ?

also building 3DKernel’s Forum
the forum is being organised , never mind …

what portion of the noobsnetwork RSS do you think should i add into 3dkernel ? or the make all the latest threads appear ?

also , i have noticed something …

can you see this linux mint forum

they have this sentence
“Linux Mint is funded by ads and donations.”

don’t that count as click incentive ? or it is ok to use this sentence ? , is linux mint forum an exclusion ? , i think this Question is a bit silly … lol , but gathering info isn’t a big problem …

anyways , i think google adsense isn’t that big deal , but still want to try it for a while and see , it wont hurt …

** anyways back to our Origional Topic

i’m making a small PDF for the tutorial …

if you have any constructive tips , don’t hesitate to tell me .

another result

Hi there, i cant really give you any advice on the tutorial itself but i have some things that i think might be helpful in general.
Making a pdf is great, especially for people like me, who like downloading tuts and saving them to their hdd. This way i can look up something in a tut even if im not connected to the net. Also i like to keep browsers closed while working in blender.

The problem with pdfs is that you need to download and open them, whereas the blogstyle layout lets you see the tut directly, which may give you more attention from people who otherwise wouldn’t have downloaded the file.

So maybe using both is the way to go, blog style for a quick view and the hectic folks, and an optional pdf download for peeps like me.

something on the actual content:
making a mesh sort of look like glass is not hard, however making a realistic, believable glass look is a whole different story. Therefore i, in your case, wouldn’t concentrate on specific models or sculptures, but focus on the glass look in general and how to accieve it(shader settings, render tweaks, how to get the shadows right a.s.o.). But that decision really depends on your goal and where you want the tutorial to go.
I just prefere general tuts from wich i can take ideas and techniques and go from there, instead of following along a specific project.

So maybe using both is the way to go,

ok !! , there’s a WordPress Plugin that saves a post into a PDF …

making a mesh sort of look like glass is not hard

the tutorial will use ready meshs !! [a blend file] , it’s going to Explain how to make believable glass … the material and lighting . and also what you have mentioned here

shader settings, render tweaks, how to get the shadows right a.s.o.

I just Began Working on it …

gotta clean the old un-necessary posts of 3dkernel .

here is the test PDF

Don’t bother with writing a tutorial. Just do a video tutorial. It is much easier to get your point across and quicker to produce.

I find that most video tuts waste a lot of time doing things like “watching the render happen” and mistakes “this way, oops no its this way” are not edited out. Heck 30 minutes with Windows movie maker would cut most vid tuts by 30%. OTOH they often skip right past a step that I may be having trouble with, eg now what did he set that alpha to? So I prefer written tuts but we need an expanded format, something where quick vids can be embedded within the document to show,eg. a turntable of your pretty glass objects. To my knowledge, the only format that combines the best of both is HTML but that is a whole other set of problems to learn how to use.

yes !! :o , Writing PDFs takes time !! , also Video Tutorials are more foolproof :smiley:
I will Record a Video Tutorial and store it on Vimeo !! :smiley:

it was a nice journey trying to make a PDF !!
i will go with Video … phew !! , it’s much easier .

thanks , i know where i’m heading right now …
:spin: is a personal website + 3D news is the main website !! , but let me install some mods and stuff first and organize everything and delete some stuff , tested a video tutorial today , it was a nice experience !!

" walshlg : i’mg going to edit it with after effects …

Hi looking nice :yes:
I prefer videos tuts , i don’t understand that After effects???:no::no:
For what???:confused::confused:
Blender can do it , work only with Blender

Hi looking nice :yes:

thanks !!

i don’t understand that After effects???

hehe :slight_smile: … i mean i’m going to Montage the Video and Compress it and add a watermark using AE .
thank you alekzsander .

Why not make a video tutorial about how you edit your tutorials using the Blender video editor and composite your watermark with compositing nodes?

reported the thread to ask for closing it …

there’s a seperate one now …