Help me!?

I am confused. :-? People are talking like Nan is still dead. I thought the message @ meant there is still life. Is there? What is the likelyhood that we will ever see blender in its old form? What does “re-organization” mean. HELP, please. I want to understand. :frowning:

:-? nate :-?

We wish we knew…


NaN has filed for bankruptsy with their courts.
They are currently trying to find new funding or a new company or some other way to continue their offerings.

IF they come back in some form, Their investors will most likely give them very a limmited amount of time to start making money. Blender Creator is their most popular
product by far, but many insist they keep it free.

There in lies the delemma. If they come
back this time and offer Blender for a price, are we gonna ride 'm about the freeware thing?
I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for it.
What do you say?

I think Nan should come back, focus on developing the Creator, and charge for it. Perhaps a certain amount for a year of free upgrades or something.
Blender may not be worth $6k but it isn’t worth nothing either… although I do like freeware. :slight_smile:

It is a shame, really. I was just about having enough money saved to get Publisher…

I think Blender needs to cost money. Business plans, stratergies and all that stuff has to be there. Something along the kind of lines that DarkBASIC are doing, possibly. Blender is not free now, you invest time from your life learning it (and loving it) so let it cost just a little bit to stay alive. Just because it is fantasic does not mean it will.


Clearly they have to charge for Creator. The question is how much? Ironically, I think it helps everyone if the DO charge something, as well as limit the number of releases to a few a year. The product would be taken more seriously by the 3D community, which means Blender used in more paying productions, which means the time invested by the user in learning it pays a return.