HELP ME!!!!!

Hi this is my first post. :smiley:

ive been using blender for a while now but still havnt got the hang of ALOT of things.

here is a list of the things i need help with tutorials or just people helping would be fine thanks.

#1 Static Particles - im working on a cat head and id like to put fur onto it

#2 clear eyes - i want a layer of ‘eye’ to put over the coloured part of my cats eye but i need it to be transparent and reflect light at the same time

#3Planet ‘auras’ - you no wen u see a planet in say Star Wars and there is a coloured (sky of the planet coloured) ring around it ide like to know how to do that (for a full sized planet in Animation)

#4 Liquid - says it all

#5 Haze - wen u see a mountain from a distance it is slightyly blue id like to know how to do that (in animation so i dont want it to be its texture)

#6 Fog - any help would be appreciated.

:slight_smile: please help me im just a begginer really :smiley:

Welcome to Elysiun!

First, try to create a more helpful topic title next time, as you will get the help you require faster.

  1. I have not seen any real tutorial for static particles, but there are .blend files floating around that use them. You can study them as an example. One can be found here:

  2. This is the online documentation: Check it for how-to’s. Here, from, is an eye tutorial which covers your question:

3, 4, 5, 6) You get the idea from the other two ^. Use the search function here at Elysiun and the tutorial section on the Blender website. All of these things are covered somewhere.


THANKS. :smiley:

Now to Another Question i would like to know the ansa to

HOW DO I ADD ATMOSPHERES!!! Ive been trying for days now and i still cant get what i want. :frowning:

can some1 PLEASE!! send me to a tutorial or wright one for me PLEASE!!!

You really couldn’t find one with the search? :o

Ok, then. You have several options. Ramp shaders, halos, and meshes seem to be the most popular choice.

A video tutorial for ramp shaders can be found here (the second one): After you learn ramp shaders, which are very simple, you would make a light blue-ish (assuming you want an Earth like atmosphere) that would only effect the edges of the mesh.

For halos, you have two options. One is to add a single vertex, in a different object, at the center of the planet. Add a halo material and play around with the size, add, and other stuff until it looks right. The other option is to duplicate the planet mesh and leave it on top of the origional, then add the halo material to the new mesh.

Here, env wrote a tutorial using a mesh:

Hope this helps.