HELP! me!

I got a problem, every time I try to render the head I modelled it all is black :frowning: have tried every thing I can think of may fix the problem…

Please help…

sorry if I have some bad spelling (reading and writing problems…)



face3.blend (664 KB)


I am using 2.49, and I got a warning when opening your file - however, from what I can tell, you have 2 material indexes for you model, one is black, and one is purple. All of the faces were assigned to the black material index. See attached.

Best of Luck!


face4.blend (304 KB)

thx for fast reply.
I think i found the problemo, i was using Blender 2.5 and there the render was all black, but in 2.49b it worked so i’ll stick to 2.49b xD