Help meee i'm a newb

how do i make the camrea above the object?

I strongly suggest you read this:

And then to answer your question:

In the 3D view, the camera is represented by a pyramid with an arrowhead on one of the sides. The big side of the pyramid is where the camera is pointing. The arrowhead points at the top of the image. Just select the camera in the 3D view, move it (Gkey) and rotate it (Rkey) until you’re satisfied. Use camera view (0 on the numpad) to check what the camera sees.


that dident awnser my quest at all…

Also check out if your question has been allready answered (at least partially…) in another thread… :wink:

Anyway, good luck my friend and keep Blending… :smiley:

Well, I don’t think that anyone could have put it simpler, than that…

I think Theeth has given you all the info you needed, to move and rotate your camera so that you can get it above the object…

unless you mean something else by that… Be more precise please…

In addition:

Add an empty (spacebar Add–>empty)

Select the camera, Shift selcect the empty and Make Track (Ctrl+T).
Select the camera and Clear Rotation (Alt+R)

This way the camera will always point to empty.
If you place the empty near your actual model, you can move the camera and your model will always stay in view.

That could also be a good choice… :wink:

but how do i put the camrea view down on the mace-like thing… can it do that?

mace-like thing %| %| %|

Anyway, you should at least try the suggestions. Maybe this will clear it.

that’s exactly what I told you…

select the camera and move it.

Or do you mean moving the viewport? 1, 3, 7 on the numpad are front, side and top view. Ctrl + the same numbers are inverted views (back, other side and bottom). And of course, you can still hold down the middle mouse button and drag the mouse. Numpad 5 toggles perspective on and off.

Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching, but all that information can be very easily found practicly everywhere, so…


ok… i have a ball… spikes alll around it and it only shows me the sides… how do i make it show from all sides?

yeah, thanks for the precision…

if you mean it the 3D viewport, just follow what I said earlier
if you mean it when rendering/what you see in the camera, also follow what I said earlier.

Now, if you still have problems, before going any further, please answer these simple true or false questions:

1- I know what a 3D viewport is (true or false)
2- I tried looking for some beginners tutorial but couldn’t find any (true or false)
3- I don’t understand any of the technical gibberish (also true or false).

just trying to help you here,

1 false 2 true 3veryyyy true… heh

look there


You better find what you’re looking there boshee, cause I’ve run out of patience… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m joking…


I wish you will find there, what you’re looking my friend…

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