Help! Mesh to nurbs

Hi everybody!
I have just started using blender and I was wondering wether it’s possible to convert a model made out of 1 mesh into nurbs…i need to import the mesh in rhino or other 3d softwares and be able to modify it and fix it (like I would do with a polygon/nurbs model) for prototyping and then for the production…
thank u

Nurbs to mesh is possible… but as of yet the reverse can not be done. Sorry. [Blender’s nurbs system leaves something to be desired, unfortunately.]

Are you sure you need nurbs?

mmmhhh…pretty sure…but maybe you have some suggestion…the thing is I am using blender to design some characters that in the end are to be actually made. so I need to open the blender model (mesh) with a more technical 3d software and modify it (like cutting it in half for the two parts of the mould, give the right thikness etc…) and end up with an igs file or something like that…
am I asking too much??

There are some Rhino plugins that claim to do this. The ones Im seeing are moderately expensive commercial apps tho, and I have no idea how well they work.

and a standalone program

:(sigh! I really like this program…but this mean I can’t use it!
I accept suggestion on software more apt to my need…any ideas?:slight_smile:

what is your model?

Is it a character? Is it modeled only with quads and no triangles?
Is it one surface?

I ask because I could convert your mesh with T-Splines into Rhino.

Ah BTW check out T-Splines when you have Rhino. They have a
free 30 day trial.

If you need help
info at ckbrd dot de


thank you for your answer…i think I need to explain a bit better my problem in general…
We do toy design and we have always been using rhino or even more technical software…we design all the products from the concept to the production and many times we do some characters, animals etc…
Till now we have always put smiles, eyes, noses etc as decals on a 3d “egg” which is the head…but we want to do something more cute and espressive and 3d (espressions, smiles…)!
Blender would be great for this, but when I tryied to import susanne’s head (blender’s standard monkey as a trial thing) in rhino I found it:

  1. not smooth at all
  2. not easy to modify ( I could convert it with a tryal program mesh to nurbs, but then I had millions of small triangles and I can’t work with them).
    What I should be able to do is to take the blender’s model with rhino and cut it in the 2 halfs for the mould, modify it if I need to (if there’s any undercuts), build an offset depending on the thickness of the plastic I need…I just need to work on it normally …
    What are the T-Splines? i have rhino v 4.0…is it something I need to download from the net?
    thanks a loooooooot

You didn’t say what format you are saving then exporting from Blender. I usually (If I am importing or exporting) save as the *.obj format. This seems to work the best when I use other software for other needs that Blender can’t handle. But that is getting less and less.

I can turn all 3d-files from polygon meshes to smooth NURBS-solids, using special programs.

Converting and smoothing 3d-files probably haven’t been so popular earlier because there is so much unknown issues involved in it. I simply use a combination of several programs to create convincing results rapidly. All 3d-files can be manipulated in short time and with low costs.

Testing this service with your own sample file is useful way to get you convinced - you may always contact to me by email: <b>[email protected]</b>[SIZE=1] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]More information about my special services can be found from Company info. You may also find extra 3d-design and manufacturing -related stories from my blog.

Hey gre!
Maybe I could help you on converting your meshes to NURBS? I am familiar with converting artistic files to cad-friendly files. I’m using SolidWorks as my main tool but I also have some special converting programs. You can find more info from my web pages if you are interested: / [email protected]

I know this is info from the grave; however, I came here because I’m trying to convert a STL to IGS and I happen to have Rhino and T-Splines. The STL file imports to Rhino as a mesh with polygons and Rhino refuses to convert it to IGES. I tried using T-Splines (which I love) and converting the T-Spline back to Rhino reverted to mesh. It did not convert it to NURBS. If I find a way to coax this out of Rhino, I’ll post back again.

:slight_smile: Chris

If you do find anything, be sure to start a new thread.