Help Milwaukee

I am writing to you to express my deep disappointment in Milwaukee Alderman Robert Donovan recent public attack on the T.R.U.E. Skool. If you are unaware of the incident I would encourage you to look at TMJ4’s coverage as well as some self direct research. In short T.R.U.E. Skool is a non-profit organization, which redirects “at risk” youth towards community stewardship through actives such as events, workshops, community service programs and community mural projects.

Last Friday (July 17, 2010) T.R.U.E. Skool held its 5th annual block party during which a temporary mural in the graffiti style was painted on the side of a building. T.R.U.E. Skool had permission from the building’s owner and had notified the surrounding community of the day’s actives (e.g. adopt a community clean up, outdoor gallery space, workshops, etc.) in advanced of the event. The block party was attend by County Supervisor Peggy West, Walker’s Point Association member and Reggie Moore who is a member of the Anti-Graffiti Policy Committee and other community members who support Milwaukee’s youth.

Milwaukee Alderman Robert Donovan, who after being contacted by a Milwaukee Police Captain called for an impromptu news conference to censure T.R.U.E. Skool’s efforts to better the lives of those youth and the community. Stating, “…this outfit is nothing more than a front for propagating and endorsing graffiti” as recorded by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In video recorded by TMJ4 Donovan engages in boisterous, unreasonably aggressive and abusive language towards a T.R.U.E. Skool representative who is trying to reason with the alderman. In fact Milwaukee courts refer youth to this organization for the very reason the Alderman Donovan has chose to ignore and that is that the programs offered by T.R.U.E. Skool work!

I am in no way associated with T.R.U.E. Skool, I am just a creative professional who is offended by the damage being cause by the intolerance and incompetence that is Alderman Donovan. I ask you as creative professionals and as artists to review this matter for yourselves and express your findings to the Alderman of Milwaukee, their contact information can be found at information can be found at the following address…

Thank you…
Jody G. Campbell