Help: mirroring an animation.

Hi everybody, this is my first post!

I’m animating a bird flyng, and i sculpted it with a mirror modifier to make it simmetric, but i even started rigging it and animating it with the modifier on.
So i have now half a bird animated and half a bird not.
The main problem is the wings, cause the animation is quite complex and I was wondering whether exist a tool or something else (script etc.) capable of mirroring the bones AND the animation.

thank you for help!


You probably don’t need a script for that, the 2.5x series already deals very well with that, but you have to make your model according to the 3D space of Blender, in other words, mirrored in the X axis. And then you can check the Vertex Groups option in the Mirror modifier, so it mirrors the weights assigned to bones. Hope that helped.