Help mode.

i mean somethink like this.

users can write descriptions to all the tools, the softbox pooping up is already coded… inside blender but it shows not really good description. I mean there is some help but there is no help in values.

That’s an excellent idea. If you write a page like that, I’ll be sure to visit.

On a slightly more serious note, you can right-click most any button in Blender and display the online Manual for it if it exists. If what you’re implying is that the manual should contain helpful examples for some of the more arcane values, then I couldn’t agree more and I’m sure the doc team will happily accept contributions. No need to open a whole separate website for it.

yeah that is what i am saying, that we just need to write what every value do etc. I am working curently on some sort of system to organaizate that stuff.

You would just turn like HELP mode on and when u overide somethink or right lick and choose help it would pop up like on that corona site.

i would rather improve tooltips and wiki, as both basically do what you need.