Help - Model/Texturing Problem

I have a problem I’m hoping you talented folks can help me with. I need to model a table that’s rough at the perimeter and smooth on the sides and center. I’ve attached a pic of the type of wood I want to use. How would you do this?

I’ve been trying to model it and UV map this texture, but the results have been horrible as you can see. See attached. I can’t seem to get the rought texture to look rough, and the smooth texture to look right…Any thoughts?

Many thanks!



Most of the character of that wood is in the irregularity of the surface, not simply the color texture. This looks like a great application for the new sculpt mode.
Start with a plank that has the right overall dimensions and then carve it out with the brush tools using sculpt. Then on to vertex/texture painting to get the irregular coloration. This will allow you to directly apply color to the specific coutours youve created.

Oh no…this is what I feared.
There is no way I’ll be able to sculpt a piece of wood and make it look real, and burnt.

Are there any other options? Anyone?

You might try using a burnt texture, a smooth texture, and a blend stencil texture in-between to do the transition from burnt to smooth. There are some tutorials around that show how to do stony paths through grassy fields using stencils, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for your application.

Plus if you feel you are not up to subdiving and scuplting, you could use a texture and a displacement modifier to move the vertices for you. It depends on whether you really want teh deformed wood look vs just a perfect plank with a point job. It really depends on the amount of realism you require.

Hi lbahoora,

What you may want to do is creating a bump map for the texture you planned to apply. Just turn your texture picture to 256 grayscale, then play with the level of black and white to achieve the look you want to see.