Help modeling a complex shape

I need some serious assistance determining how best to model a bench that has some complex cuts within its structure.

Here is the bench I need to model:

In the past I have been successful in modeling a similar one without the diamond pattern.

I’m stumped on how to now make a diamond pattern in the bench. I could bring in an SVG of the pattern and manipulate the plane to get the overall curve. However when I convert the SVG into a mesh I get a wild assortment of lines that make it impossible to work with.

I did this and removed all the stray lines, made faces of all the internal shapes and extruded them hoping to then do a boolean extraction against the larger rectangle, but this seems like a terrible way to do this and might get me back where I started.

I’m pretty new to Blender but have picked up enough modeling skills to get a lot of usable results. This problem has me stumped. If you all could give me some direction as to how to proceed that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You have a relatively flat surface that the diamond shape is embedded in, so you could just create the bench as you did earlier but with slats in the seat, and then use a bollean to add the diamond shapes aligned with the surface’s normal. You can make the slats in the seat using an array, or just add a bunch of loop cuts to make them.

I would possibly use the knife tool and cut out the design then fill the cut sections vertices in. Or just use an array to create all the slats then apply it and do the knife method. Not sure if I explained that correctly or not.

Probably easiest to model it flat and then use whichever deform modifier fits the situation.

If you want to import an svg, the curves and resulting mesh structure is not suitable for deformation. Most edges need to line up with the deformation direction, which could be done with solidify, remesh, then use lattice and lattice deform modifier to curve it. Proportional editing which also has 2D mode might help forming the lattice.

similar to this

Or, could use plain old mesh modeling tools to make the pattern, and then deform it

These are all good suggestions, thank you.

I figured out how to curve geometry to a bezier curve and was able to get this:

The issue I later ran into was how I constructed it. I added a lot of loop cuts to a plane so that when I curved the plane it would be able to have enough “joints” to curve. But all those loop cuts got in the way after I then made the diamond cuts because when I then applied a subdivision surface modifier I got this:

It wasn’t a huge deal in the end but it kept me from getting closer to a photorealistic image. Let me try these options and see if I get better results. Thanks!