help modeling a fruit tree

I need help or a tutorial about how to model a fruit tree. What I am creating is a tree sprouting books (like fruit) for a website animation. I cannot find a fruit tree tutorial anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this?

You need to be a lot more specific and also specify what skills you have with blender. This animation could be anything from a 3 color gif modeled with 15 verts, a shape ley and solidify, to some epic textured hollywood book tree monster with volumetric moonlight and a full rig. Who knows. Post an image of how a still should look and give details about how you want the animation to progress. Sketch a small storyboard.

You are too specific in your tutorial search. A fruit tree is nothing more than a tree that bears fruit, rather than nuts or seeds of some kind. I found this Blender specific tutorial on creating trees by searching “blender tree tutorial.” Next, do a search on “fruit trees” and take a look at the images to see whether there are any significant differences between a ‘fruit tree’ and the tree in the tutorial, and to get a look at how fruit is attached to fruit trees. Make changes accordingly.