How do u select faces, extrude faces and merge faces!

2 ways to select faces:

  1. Shft-RMB the verts that make up the face(s)
  2. In object mode hit F to go into face mode, A to deselect all faces, then Shft-RMB the faces you want selected. In face mode you can’t select anything that’s behind. Tab out of face mode to go to edit mode, or hit F again to leave face mode.

Select faces (better modeling protocol to select only edges if you’re extruding horizontal) and hit E to extrude. To extrude perpendicular, select faces, in edit buttons set the value of the multiple extrude and press the extrude button (or do it as above in 2 different views in the 3D window) and the extrude direction will be Z negative (into the screen.

Select the faces, hit W and choose Merge.