help modeling hand

hey im using this tutorial but iv got kinda stuck iv just made the hand but it is where it says this that i get lost

"This stage it is necessary to give it a more anatomical form, without building in too much of the details.
Throughout this tutorial, it is usefull to continually observe your own hand.

it doesnt seem to explain it enough can one of you help me? thanks fudge

Hmmm… if you’re really stuck, you can download a ‘cartoony’ one here…although im not sure how well this will serve your purposes

hope this helps…


[edit:] sorry, thats a .blend file, dont know how that will work…

i may try that just i want to know how to do this

I didn’t make a tut, but here’s a hand I made. It’s not perfect, but It’s not bad. I used basically the same techniques as described in the modelling thread in my sig to make it. Also LukeP made an awesome pair of hands recently, maybe he would do a tut.