Help modeling (PC) fan.


I’m trying to model a PC fan but i’m having trouble getting the shape right.

I know i can just create the fan like normal and then use proportional editing to turn it but the problem is that i can’t get the general shape right.

Also the fan pieces will have to be part of the topology of the middle piece.

Another problem i am having is the lights on the inside which reflect of the fans glossy material,would emission work as a light.Also does the compositor work for animation and will i be able to get an effect like this?

Concerning modeling - cylinder with loopcuts, select top edge and rotate z using proportional tool. Then add two more loops separating top and bottom. Select one side section (green&yellow), inset and extrude, then Alt-s scale out. Select outer faces (red) and using Sharp proportional rotate z a bit. It needs a bit of calculating how many verts you need on a ring to later Array rotate one blade/gap section to get it correct. Depends on your fan.

All LED lights - they either come with lights render or looking at second image looks like some circle with two materials might do. Bright emit part would need a light path mix of two emission nodes - one giving actual light, another showing up to the Camera.
Some Vector blur can probably work too in cycles imho, haven’t used it though.


I’m struggling a bit but i think i might get it right with a bit of practice.


PC Fan 2_02.blend (583 KB)

What’s missing is inset part imho (red narrow faces) - that prevents top face getting any distortions after subsurf mod.
Place fan photo as a background and try to make cylinder face rotation so that extruded part is as wide as in image (green). You can extrude little before to better see this blade width. Also later when you proportionally rotate outside viewing from top, image helps to get it right.

My great idea using emission to fake second image does not cut. Here’s the result, anyways.

Well it works somewhat.

I’m still struggling to model the fan,my idea is to assign a different material to the lower part of the fan blade that is more reflective with the rest of the blade having almost no reflectivity toward the light (basically the light only affects the lower blade material)

Also if possible to narrow down the light to concentrate on the lower fan blade.

Are those streaks created by motion-blur or are they each a stretched reflection of one of those little LEDs on the border?

I think how those lights work in the fan picture you posted is by having lights around the the fan blade and the light shines into the plastic and only comes out on the edges because of some law of light bending or other. Like how fiber optics work. You shine light in one end and you can’t see the light from the side but you see it at the other end.

I think I would just do what you couldn’t do in real life and make an emitter plane out of the edge of the blade. Then composite a glare node set to fog glow.

You might be able to get the ends of the blades to glow more like they do in the picture if you make them a glass material and pull them inside the hub and place a bright emitter cylinder in the center. The IOR might make the glass act like real glass. i don’t know.