Help Modeling Steel Scaffolding

Looking for advice regarding how to model a realistic
steel framework to be the insides of a skyscraper.
Any suggestions, or tuts, howto model the steel innards
will be greatly appreciated.
My initial model is less than realistic. (it was pityfull)

Surely it depends on how much detail you want. Are you going to be looking at the scaffolding from the equivalent of 1m away or 100m away ?
Maybe show your original result so other users can give some pointers

Generally speaking most frameworks are repeating beams, column, and diagonals. Just model single basic beam, column, and diagonals. Then group it. Once you create a group in Blender it can be dittoed all over without adding to the mesh count. Just stack them up!,1225061065,1/stock-photo-structural-steel-framework-19519969.jpg

Thanks to the responses so far. What I need is an arch of beams like those shown/suggested by ridixi.
And as suggested by Marklew, I’ll post my second attempt----the first one was just plain embarrassing. :smiley: