Help modeling The Terminator™

i’m trying to make a terminator head and neck but i cant seem to get past a base mesh for the skull. every time i make the basic skull and move on to the next part, my mind goes blank. i cant think of how to connect the jaw or the dome of the head to the front of the face. i guess my biggest problem is imagining the model as a whole instead of each individual piece. could i get some tips or advice for how to go about making this or a specific workflow i could use? anything would be helpful at this point.

Honestly, imagining a model for a well known character is far easier than imagining where your at. Post some screen shots, a blend file, or something.

this is as far as i got on my second attempt.

okay. i found 2 great reference images for the terminator’s head. now i have a good idea of what parts go where and how they fit together.

here are the images i’m using: