Help modelling a Jabulani Football

Expected this to take no more than an afternoon but it’s taken me by surprise. My plan was to make the patches with a bezier curve, retopo them on a uvsphere. Then stitch everything together before selecting the main edges extruding and scaling towards the center of the ball with a subsurf to get the main grooves.

Does anyone have an better ideas as I’m struggling a bit on this one.

It may be hard to do it manually but there are scripts to help you a bit:
for B2.49 -
for B2.5x -

Do you know any company in the US that manufactires this equipment. We can contact them from here and see if they will be willing to help.

Any idea how to make first step in modeling of jabulani. How to making this shape:

Here you can see this 3dsmax method:

and timelapse modeling in Blender (but without first step):