Help modelling a wallet!

Good morning everyone.

I recently took a course in Multimedia Product Development Technician, where we learned some of the areas among which 3D Modeling

Since in the 3D Modeling module we did not learn how to work modeling an object using a photo / image and as I want to learn more about the Blender program, I would be grateful if you could answer two questions:

**- What steps do you suggest to model a 3D object using an image / photo in Blender? The idea is to create a 3D object using an images of a wallet.

- How can I remove material / texture from the photo or image to place it on the 3D object in Blender?

I am starting the first steps in the multimedia area, but on these issues I need someone to help me improve and continue to evolve.

Waiting for a brief response from you.

Best regards

José Moreira


I’m not sure if you wish to use software that can convert a photo to a mesh, i have no experience with that, if you seek information on how to model the mesh following reference material, i highly recommend using heavy poly and investing the time to follow this tutorial:

I recommend this video for some more in depth knowledge about pbr shading and the physics of it.

Making Realistic PBR Materials - Part 2: Metal — Blender Guru

as for textures, you can make them procedurally, this means primarily using blender nodes to realize textures within blender, and/or you can find quite a few free PBR textures on google by searching for them. Additionally, logo’s and text can be made yourself, i’ve done it in paint and gimp a few times. just depends on how good you want it too look i geuss.

You won’t take materials from the photo of your wallet most likely, just a headsup, although possible, that’s probably harder to do right then using procedural/PBR shading.

Hopefully this points you in the right direction for now :slight_smile:

You could just model it with a reference image behind or try UV mapping(change to texture view).

here’s a tutorial on uv mapping.

hope this helps,

These Videos should answer your questions…

…seek, and ye shall find! :slight_smile:

…and slow the speed down so it’s slow enough to follow.

Good luck.