Help modelling pony hair

Hi guys. I’ve made this pony base for Friendship is Magic-style ponies and am a little stuck on how to go about modelling the hair/mane. My goal is for this to be animate-able in a game engine like Unity.

I’m keeping everything fairly simple so there won’t be modeled eyes or mouth. I’ll probably handle those with textures.

I tried starting with something simple like Twilight’s mane, but attempts to extrude from the top of her head met with failure. Can anyone suggest some better/different ways, or should I just give extrusion another go?

I would suggest adding a separate mesh for the hair, even as part of that mesh (Shift+A in edit mode). Don’t extrude from it.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Turns out, modelling pegasus wings is really hard as well :frowning:

Cool blog, btw.