Help my Blender interface got messed up

Hello, yesterday i was doing the Noob to Pro tutorial and i was to detailing your simple person II and then i mistakenly messed up my interface and the it was saved that way, my user pref. part got pulled all the way down by mistake and i can’t get it back up

i REALLY REEEALLY don’t want to start a new file and start from the begining again so can someone plz help me out?



Ctrl-U saves the Present file as the default, startup file; close the userPrefs window and Ctrl-U (unless you have other objects in there). To get a clean default file find B.blend and delete it with Blender closed. A new file will be generated on startup.


i said i had a file in it when this happened and it was saved that way, i need to get the user pref. to scroll back up but it wont ok

Ok, you should make it like this:
Put you pointer as for to the left as you can, the pointer should be switched to a black arrow pointing right and left (you maybe dont se all of it).
RMB-click and choose Split Area.
Change the lower half to 3D-view.
That´s it. Hope it helps.


ok did that now how do i get all the stuff that is suppose to be at the bottom, all the commands

Just do the same thing like before but
change the new window to “Buttons Window”

im having trouble getting it at the bottom of the 3D window

nvm i got it, thanks guys