Help! my menu are blank in blender

can you guys help me my blender wont show the script menu, well it shows it but its blank. Can anyone help me, I can’t really explain it so look at the picture at the bottom


I don’t see the picture your indicating about but:

Normally your scripts are stored under your .blender directory.

First thing would be to check where your .blender directory is and see if inside the directory there is a scripts directory. If this is the case try pointing blender to the script directory by updating the scripts field in your blender preferences screen, in the File Paths section. After doing this click on the update script menu item in the scripts menu. Then restart Blender.

Hopefully the above will fix your issue. If it does not then.

If you have no .blender directory create one in your home directory for your platform. In your home directory make a scripts directory.

You can get all the scripts from above and just copy them into the scripts folder then restart blender. Remember that when it is restarted to click the update scripts menu item in the Scripts window.

If this does not work, I have no clue :slight_smile:

Good luck.