Help ! My Metarig is not following my Rig!

Hello all, I need your help, i’m new to blender, I used rigify to rig my model, and now i want to add corrective Shape keys and drivers but in pose mode when i move my controllers, my model follow but the bones stays in the original pose. What did i do wrong ? thank you

Your metarig isn’t supposed to follow your rig. Once you have generated your rig, you might as well hide your metarig. You need it for nothing else, except potentially for regeneration of your rig.

I want to connect the shape keys to the bones as drivers and for that i need the bones to have a value. that’s what i understood.

Then you want those bones to be in the rig, not in the metarig.

How can I do that please :pleading_face:

How can you do what? Make bones? Make a driver? Deselect your metarig and select your rig? You were prepared for all of those tasks (except the last) just a second ago…

Put the bones in the rig and not in the metarig

Select the rig in object mode, enter edit, shift a.